About Us


Since our family shop opened over years ago, we’ve held the belief that cycling and life have one common denominator: It’s not how fast you reach the end, but how much you enjoy the ride.  

we know you have many options for your cycling needs. Our goal is to provide you a location for all those cycling needs.  From beginner to professional, from the young to the “young at heart,” we offer products,  knowledge, and support for the sport we all love…Cycling.  Our aspiration is to provide excellent customer service, quality merchandise and competitive prices.  I hope you will allow us a chance to serve you.

A Better Bike Shop Experience

At Graceland Bicycle Shop, we’re devoted to delivering the bike shop experience the way we’ve always wanted it to be. From partnering with many of cycling’s standout brands, to the hands-on expertise and service offered by our Gearheads, to our in-house bike assembly operation that’s unrivaled in the industry, we offer the knowledge and service of the best local bike shops along with selection and convenience that’s only possible online.

Meet Your Gearhead...

Our Gearheads are the embodiment of everything we do at Graceland Bicycle Shop. Equal parts customer service, sales people, and cycling fanatics, they’re here to help you every step of the way. Once you’ve connected with a Gearhead, you can reach out to that same person time and again, whether it’s walking you through a critical component choice or just helping you make changes to an existing order.

Gearheads are here to help, and part of that promise means being available via whatever channel works best for you. Feel free to reach out as many times as you like. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. So if you haven’t already, make the connection and meet your Gearhead.

Our mission

We want to get people on bikes and keep them there. We strive to foster bicycling in the world as a viable means of transportation, and as a means to address wealth and health disparities that exist in our communities. We seek to empower individuals to take control of their transportation, health, and sense of community.

Our values

  • Safety – Both on the roads and in our shops. We want people to be comfortable riding their bikes and accessing our programs.
  • Personal health – Bicycling improves the body and the mind.
  • Environmental health – Bicycles emit infinitely less CO2 than cars both in production and use.
  • Creating community- We seek a bike universe based on togetherness, inclusiveness, and building relationships.
  • Sustainability – Our Vision is for the long term; keeping people on bikes, recycling and repurposing donated bicycles.
  • Diversity – The best thing about bikes is the range of people who access them. Bikes are for everybody and Bikes Together accepts individuals where they are at in life regardless of background.
  • Equality – We strive to create equitable access to bicycles, education, and community through our programs and our welcoming shop culture.
  • Education – We understand the power of knowledge. Our goals and our success are built on educating those who access us. Educated cyclists are empowered, cyclists!
  • Self-sufficiency – People with knowledge are self-motivated, better community members, and future teachers.
  • Fun! – Bicycles are inherently fun, but we use that to make learning fun and our community a good place to be.

Our solution

We want to see multiple Bikes Together centers throughout the world. Each center will have its own unique focus but primarily will serve as an active hub for bicycle education, access to bike maintenance, and access to bicycles through our free/earned bike programs and retail sales. We seek to engage each community we are active in, to sustain the location, and help fulfill our mission.

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